• Below this article on the front page of, you will find three samples of recent news, based on queries or interrogations of data bases with certain parameters or "words". As output one receives the latest news summaries, based on the input string, limited to a certain number of words or full swing (the whole thing). The source of those news "snippets" are normally large news websites like Google, who´s expertise it is to collect the "latest" and "greatest" in News of just about everything and where the customer i.e. myself- your editor Fas- is allowed to define the "content words" of this query himself.  

    Google is really unique on the web really, which allows one to define multiple parameters. Besides Google I only have found the US government related DB´s supported by the NIH as really good. All other professional news providers- whatever their name (Yahoo for instance) are second rate, since all their queries are pre-defined and most likely not of any use to the savvy user. I have made an exception for the feeds of "Science Daily" and "Medical News Today" where I selected two pre-defined feeds for "Stem Cell News" and "Stem Cell Research News" respectively.

    The main thing is- whatever the "selection superiority", key is also the "actuality" of the news i.e it has to be hot and new. As long as it is not a week day, all selected providers will have some news in the selected category ( I assume)  which is very current- I will watch that for a few weeks and if not true will change the news sources...

    So- what is the technology behind all this ?

  • This page is the news section of my web publishing activities.  Thereby I thought a few years ago, that I could "hammer" this together in a few days by simply selecting some news feeds (or RSS/XML files) of the cell therapy information sources, that I have learned to appreciate over the years whilst dealing with and studying "regenerative medicine" in general.

    That- as a lot of things in life- was a bit opportunistic, but alas, a few years older, a bit more experienced and now the tech seems to work for me and it just is now- mid 2016- a matter of energy and available time to present an always up-to-date source of news on adult regenerative cells, which covers most there is and is adequate for different levels of users.

    My (presently under-appreciated) empire of websites dealing with regenerative medicine consist mid 2016, of a site - - which deals with the most promising technology  in the space from my perspective (i.e. Point-of-care, same day procedure of fresh cells sourced from Adipose tissue). I call this technology "holistic medicine", since it mimics the natural way the body heals its self in case of acute injury.