All the Adult Stem Cells News there is to know
All the Adult Stem Cells News there is to know

The Adult Stem Cells News Site


This page is the news section of my web publishing activities.  Thereby I thought a few years ago, that I could "hammer" this together in a few days by simply selecting some news feeds (or RSS/XML files) of the cell therapy information sources, that I have learned to appreciate over the years whilst dealing with and studying "regenerative medicine" in general.

That- as a lot of things in life- was a bit opportunistic, but alas, a few years older, a bit more experienced and now the tech seems to work for me and it just is now- mid 2016- a matter of energy and available time to present an always up-to-date source of news on adult regenerative cells, which covers most there is and is adequate for different levels of users.

My (presently under-appreciated) empire of websites dealing with regenerative medicine consist mid 2016, of a site - - which deals with the most promising technology  in the space from my perspective (i.e. Point-of-care, same day procedure of fresh cells sourced from Adipose tissue). I call this technology "holistic medicine", since it mimics the natural way the body heals its self in case of acute injury. 


The investor page - the Methusalem of my webpresences-  is closely related to that and describes the battle of a Company dealing with this highly disruptive technology and (most likely) feared by Big Pharma because of that- i.e. and last but not least a naturopathic page about myself, where I describe my transformation of a declared 100% handicapped person (in respect of mobility) to a reasonably healthy young pensioner, who has a clear mind  and an above average lean muscle mass- (and below average fat %) for his age group and who last but not least, has regained his mobility and therefore also his life-  

Problem why it took somewhat longer for me to grasp the web technology to realize my intention (i.e a few years..LOL), was the fact that the "up-to-date news" concept, I was shooting for, kind of clashes with the most common and most modern methods to speed up the web or any website in particular. Having "battled" with root servers myself to serve my websites for a few years, my key learning was that the most impressive milestones in speed increase is achieved by a myriad of caching opportunities in the content delivery processes. The last giant step was made with reverse proxy caching, like Nginx or Varnish.

For all intent and purpose- that is still the case, but can hinder the immediate delivery of "new" content which I obviously want to avoid and which also avoids conflicts with major providers like Google, where cached data =stored data in your browser, screws up the delivery process of newly required "pulled data" (and nobody changes his browser preferences to accomodate visiting of course)

The solution simply was for me- to forsake on all that caching stuff, limit images i.e bite intensive material and just run with Google Modspeed on the server and Gzip everything else possible. That simplistic configuration still requires a maximum 2,5 seconds only to build up the slowest page on the site (Home)- most pages load much faster- but this worst page, still beats two-thirds of the web community in speed at present.  That is only possible thanks to my excellent hosting provider- Siteground- which provides me with such flexibility in my webserver configuration and their superior hosting infrastructure.

Anyway- in the next article I will provide some explanations on RSS/XML news files and why this technology provides "the latest".  My plan at present is to give you a basic offering of news/rss feeds, which will cover a great deal of MOST RECENT news - mind you- all automagically delivered, without yours truly having to do anything.

Of course- in time- the offering will be expanded depending on what is "in vogue" and meets my standards.





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  • Welcome to my "RSS News" site- all automagically maintained by others, whilst intensively used by myself to keep up-to-date with developments in the ASC world. Another reason is to simply make a comment and be able to test the design and proper functioning of the comment software. :)

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